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Board members shall serve a term of two years.  No Board member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in a row.  The terms for office shall be staggered.  A director must attend three fourth percent (3/4%) of all meetings.  The directors shall meet at least once a month.  The Board of Directors shall have the control and management of the affairs and business of this organization. 

All candidates shall accept in writing their willingness to run prior to election.  Each candidate shall be given an outline of their duties before the election so that they will be aware of the time and work necessary to serve as a board member of the association.  Each potential board member will write a letter to the membership according to the outline of questions adopted by the association.  This provides voting members with an opportunity to learn (1) why the nominee wishes to serve on the board and (2) the vision of each nominee for the association.  New board members will begin attending board meetings immediately.  This provides an opportunity for a smooth transition period from the current board to the newly elected board.  New board members will attend meetings to watch and learn as well as participate in discussions.  New board members will not vote until they officially take office on January 1st.

What is expected of a director: 

  • They must be able to attend at least ¾ of the meetings.  Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month (unless noted otherwise due to holiday, etc).  Meetings are held January through December.  Meetings are done by phone conference.  Directors are expected to inform the president in advance if they are not able to attend a meeting.  This ensures that there are enough to have a quorum to hold a meeting. 
  • They must be able to check the directors emails at least once a day and add their comments/suggestions/votes, etc to any subjects.   If they will be away they are to inform the president .  (many projects, etc may be taken care of by email)
  • They must vote in a timely manner on all subjects brought up to be voted upon.
  • They must be willing to contribute their ideas and suggestions to further the AFB and the industry.
  • A desire to help the industry move forward as a whole.
  • A desire to help AFB grow. 
  • A director can only hold office in one butterfly organization at a time so that they may better be able to focus their efforts for that organization.
  • Directors meetings start at 8 pm EST time and we like to keep to one hour.  This does not always hold true. 
  • Emails – you can have lots more emails to go through.  As we get into the off season, there will be more topics to discuss, etc and the emails can add up.  A bit of time each day (usually Monday thru Friday) to check to see if any emails need to be addressed, and respond with comments, agreeing or disagreeing, or voting you may have about ½ hour to possibly an hour (depending on how much or little you have to say about a topic) Ex:  If you read thru emails and agree, just a response stating that you accept, like, agree, etc. and you are done.  If you read over and have questions, you will need to address your questions and may have more questions after the questions are answered.  If you disagree, then you may have more time in writing why you do disagree, what you think should be done, etc.  One thing that is not listed is that you must be able to realize we all don’t agree at times and must be willing to accept if an idea, suggestion, etc is not the popular vote and not take it personally.  Must be willing to voice your opinion but not get offended if others do not always agree with you.  It is the well-roundedness of everyone’s input that helps to move the association forward.
  • Depending on what you choose/volunteer to do to help move the association or industry forward depends on how much time is involved.  Some jobs you choose to take on may be just one-time jobs others may be a project and require more time.  Some jobs may require more time just to get started and then level off, while other jobs may run even all thru the year.  We do make every attempt to stop as much as possible during the peak season which is June, July and Aug.  

Current Board

(Jan 2017-Dec 2018 - 1st term)
(Jan 2019-Dec 2020 - 2nd term)

David Odonnell
(Jan 2019-Dec 2020 - 1st term)

(Jan 2018-Dec 2019 - 1st term)

(Jan 2018-Dec 2019 - 1st term)

Edith Smith
(Sept 2018-Dec 2019 - 1st term)

(Jan 2016-Dec 2017 - 1st term)
(Jan 2018-Dec 2019 - 2nd term)
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