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    • 19 Jan 2017
    • 31 Dec 2017
    • Mississippi State University

    The Association for Butterflies and the Mississippi State Pathology Department teams up to bring you a fantastic screening co-op at affordable prices.

    Farmers are grouped together by the AFB to enable them to send larvae to be screened at an affordable price to Mississippi State. This enables a farmer to discover and address disease issues before disease causes major problems in their stock. The larvae are screened for occluded virus, microsporida,  bacteria and OE.  It is recommended that larvae be sent for regular screening once a month. Amanda Lawrence, at Mississippi State Pathology Department, will receive the larvae and screen them in the pathology lab.

    For more details, see our website Disease Screening Co-op with MSU.

    • 01 Jul 2017
    • 30 Jun 2018
    • University of New Mexico

    OE Clean Screen Program

    Association for Butterflies has contracted with the University of New Mexico to screen Monarch butterfly pupae in order to get a more accurate depiction of what the butterfly release industry looks like.

    In order to participate in this program, you need to reserve the date you'd like to ship your Monarch pupae.  You can select any date between March 1 and September 30 for shipping.  An AFB representative will contact you to confirm your shipping date and if you are a Professional level member in good standing, AFB will pay your shipping costs.

    Once you have been contacted and your shipping schedule confirmed, you will receive an AFB FedEx account number to use to ship your pupae.

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