Raising Gulf Fritillary Butterflies



Join us for a one week course on how to raise Gulf Fritillary Butterflies, by Tatia Veltkamp.  

Monday -Pairing butterflies and getting eggs from adult butterflies, what conditions seem to work best

Tuesday -Hatching out your eggs

Wednesday -Setting up ideal conditions for larvae to grow; host plants, lighting, temperature

Thursday -Selling as pupae or adults; do they make good release butterflies?

Friday -Wrap-up and Questions

  • Tatia Veltkamp has been raising butterflies for over 18 years.  She has worked with the Xerces Society on habitat restoration for the monarch butterfly in New Mexico.  She has worked with Southwest Monarch Study in Arizona to study the migration patterns of monarch butterflies in the Southwest.  She was on the Board of Directors as President for the Association for Butterflies for 5 years.  Currently, she is a player in helping to understand the migration patterns of the monarch butterfly in New Mexico.  In 2010 she started Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm, which brings educational programs on the life cycle of the butterfly to the public and sells butterflies for release at special occasions and butterfly life cycle kits.